Welcome to Peter Evans Studios

Peter Evans Studios was founded in 1960 by the present Managing Director’s father. He had worked in the London theatre painting scenery for many years and wanted to move from producing scenery in 2 to 3 dimensions. It was better lighting and change in taste that made this more suitable. From the very earliest days of the company we have always carved original pieces in polystyrene, sculpted in clay and plasticine and made the final products in GRP laminating (Fibre Glass), vac formed plastic and use wood and plywood for pattern making.

We show our standard products which are made in a variety of different materials to suit different applications. All our products require painting.

0.3mm PVC Vacuum formed. For shallow items and temporary applications. This is the cheapest but still fire retardant. Only available in grey.

0.5mm PVC is used for lots of Film, TV and Theatre scenery. Vacuum formed. It can be surprisingly durable and if looked after some pieces lasting for many years. This is fire retardant. The bulk of our orders are made in this material. Available in grey and clear or at an extra cost in white, black, green and translucent.

1mm PVC is only available in full sheets approximately 2.2 x 1m. Vacuum formed. It is thicker and more durable for deeper objects where the thinner plastic is too flimsy. This is fire retardant. Available in clear or white.

1.5mm FR ABS is suitable for Theme Parks, Museums and for Theatre scenery that has got to tour. This is fire retardant and tough. Vacuum formed. Available in white only.

PETG is fire retardant to Class1 or German B1. 2mm/3mm are the most commonly formed although we can form up to 6mm particularly suitable for hemispheres. These materials are more expensive and are suitable for more specialised applications. Please discuss if you have any suitable project.

Plaster, Hessian backed. We use a mixture of high street plasters and it is mainly used for rock faces, brick work and stone walls in Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants. It is in the highest category of fire retardancy. It is also used by some traditionalists who like to use it for film scenery. Normally white.

GRP (Glass reinforced plastic also known as Fibre Glass). This is a mixture of glass matt and polyester resin. This is the toughest and most durable material that we use and it is suitable for most of the things we make including outside use except anything that needs to be clear. Our range includes Columns, Urns, Walls and Balusters. Normally white although it can be coloured to suit.

Rotationally Moulded Polythene is used for Statues, Urns and some Columns and Pedestals that we import from Italy. It is tough and durable but not the most fire retardant but modestly priced and comes in white.

Our Shortwood Carvings are made from Injection Moulded FR ABS, off white in colour. It is a very fine decoration and can be used in almost every situation and can be bent with the application of heat. The Shortwood carvings business has been running since the 1950’s and purchased by us in 2007. The range has been revived and enlarged. A new catalogue is available.